Project ID Registration

Thank for your Interest in applying for a project through Shalom Consulting Services.

Project Id is an ID used to track and check the transparency and credibility of concerned NGO’s , This ID will be allotted Project Wise . All our supporters who Grants fund to our Member / Clientel NGO’s will track the Project applied with the project ID mentioned by you in Grant application .
The Project ID is mandatory to apply for various funded by our supporters . Each Project has its Separate Project ID . So get allotment of Project ID Seperately for each project .

Fees : 2500 /- for one project ID . If NGO has applied for mutiple projects you have to get allotment of project ID seperately for each project .
( Please submit the fees through SB Collect and Submit Payment tracking form in our Home Page )
Only Member organisation can apply for project ID .

Project ID Registration
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